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We stayed at Clover Cabin 8/11-8/18/18. We enjoyed this beautiful cabin immensely. With the cabin located on a bit of a promontory, we had views of the water from two sides of the cabin. We enjoyed looking through the trees at the water---this added to the natural feel. From the porch, we saw large fish and turtles swimming along the submersed rocks on the bank. We were so happy to be able to look out from the small bay of water where this cabin is located, out into the main lake to the wooded island and low mountain in the distance. With no cabins on the island, this view was all natural. One evening, after dark, we laid on the large, well-built floating pier to view the Perseid meteor shower. Located at one end of a string of four cabins, this cabin gave us a lot of privacy, and a nice picnic table in a spacious hilltop overlooking the pier and lake, where we ate breakfast. The cabin was clean and spotless when we arrived, and nicely decorated. Loved the quilts on the beds. Appreciated the low-key decor and was so glad the cabin was not over-decorated with black bears like so many cabins in the Smokie Mountains are. The bare wood interior wall finish, made from alternating horizontal boards, one board size narrow, one wide, was earthy, woody, and gave the cabin a nice in-the-woods feel. We loved the wood tables, especially the wood dining table benches, which our grandkids loved. We are grateful for the owner's friendliness and hospitality and her loan of a hummingbird feeder so that we could better view the hummingbirds that were flying by us as we sat on the porch. Thanks so much for a lovely stay at this serene cabin on the lake. We have stayed at a lot of cabins in Wisconsin and Michigan over the years; this place was one of our favorites. Thank you so much.
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